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The Power of a Logo

One of the biggest mistakes I see companies make is their lack of a logo. When creating a brand you want to have an image that people will recognize. If you are using 4 different logos, your own customers may not know it is your business. It is said that the average person needs to see something three times to remember it. This is the reason you want to have the same logo on your marketing materials, website, facebook etc. When there is no uniformity in your business it makes it difficult for people to recognize you and or know what your business is about. Brand recognition is something that business pay a lot of money for, they want you to know who they are quickly. If you have multiple names, logos and pages you are doing your company a complete disservice.

This is the logo that I use for my maintenance company. Our name is present and the tools let you know that we repair things. The whole point was to create a logo that answered more questions than it created.

Create a logo that represents your company and put it EVERYWHERE!!!!

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