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The Flip Side of Business ( PODCAST)

I took the leap and started a Podcast. It is something I have been thinking about doing for quite sometime now I decided to just go for it. The first episode is laying out the details of what to expect for the next coming weeks. All the while hitting the ground running on some interesting topics.

In the hot topics for July 2-9th:

In big money news, the cannabis industry brought in $400 million dollars on July 4th! Yep, one day. These types of nationwide sales show that the cannabis industry is here to stay. The jobs alone created through the various businesses directly and indirectly working in the industry are making a huge economical impact in communities across the country. The business side of cannabis is definitely an avenue that will be explored on the Flip Side of Business Show.

We watched as the drama unfolded between American Comedy Company and comedian Tony Rock. It all began with @AmericanComedyCo posting that they were cancelling the Tony Rock show due to him being unprofessional. They then posted a series of emails where he is "showing the rudeness of Tony Rock".

The emails showed nothing more than the owner being completly rude, condescending and unprofessional to say the least. If there is more to this story people are patiently waiting for it to come out.

As of now all we see is a complete temper tantrum on the part of the business owner. Anywho, I have posted the screenshots that were posted and you can make your own call.

Tell me your thoughts? I'm definitely looking for more receipts.

This type of negativity falls under social media no, no's 101. Yet, business owners still let their anger get the best of their twitter fingers. Business friends don't let business friends post angry. Find yourself a business bestie to vent to, but DO NOT do it online.

The last hot topic up for discussion was the way the Blogger/Business owner Beaut and The Beast stuck to her guns and had the ultimate blessing/come up occur. We all know the feeling of getting to meet someone you admire and/or look up to. The dream came true ten fold when she had the opportunity to meet Supa Cent. Supa, had her rise to fame through IG and her brand The Crayon Case. She has set the standard for online sales and has entrepreneurs all over the globe taking notes. YES , Supa is the lady that sold $1 million in sales in one hour!!

Beaut and the Beast founder Estephanie created custom products for Supa Cent, after signing up to be a vendor at one of her events. She had the opportunity to present her with the backpack and other items that she made for her. Supa, loved the products and placed a bulk order for 5000 on the spot!! This feel good story shows the power of not giving up and believing in yourself. It also shows how when you give, it opens you up to receive. Check out all the cool stuff she gifted Supa with below.

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