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4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

Starting a website can be intimidating, a reason why many businesses opt out of one but could it actually be one of the best things for your business? The answer: YES, it absolutely will help your business grow!

Answering the question does my business need a website
4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Actually, an analysis done by Deloittee’s in Connected Small Businesses in US found that small businesses with a digital outreach had:

  • Earned twice as much revenue per employee

  • Experienced revenue growth nearly 4 times as high over the previous year

  • 3 times the likelihood of creating more jobs over the previous year

  • An employment growth rate more that 6 times as high

So, yes, overall having a website has helped many businesses grow and gain more traction!

Here are the 4 main reasons why your business should have a website:

1. Increase Credibility

When you are telling someone about your business, they instantly want to see what you are about. Showing them pictures of your establishment does not create a credible first impression. In fact, over 30% of people do not consider your business if it does not have a website. So, it is important to make that great first impression with a website!

Want to look like a professional? Make a website! Having a business only on social media makes your business look less professional and credible than having an official website. Also, 84% of consumers are now looking for websites rather than social media profiles to measure the credibility of a business.

Your website could also give you a branded email address, which only takes your professionalism to another level.

2. Easier Accessibility

The first thing you want for your business is accessibility. Your website helps you achieve that accessibility! On your website, everything becomes clear: your message, your product, who you are, and how to contact you. Most people prefer this type of business than one that might be harder to find with no type of connection to their customer.

Your website could lead to an attraction of new customers! With a website, the ability for someone to find your business through Google becomes easier. Also, you can integrate the website with Google Maps to help others find the business - especially if you are hosting events. These new customers are able to find your locations through Google Maps and find better access to your business.

But, not only is it easy for your customers, but also for you! Accessibility to building a website is not out of reach when there are modern website builders like Squarespace and Wix that help you without the need of knowing how to code.

3. Target Your Audience

In your business, presentation plays such a crucial role! A website gives you the creative freedom to make anything you want in order to display your services in any way you want. This display can help your customers get what they are looking for and remain hooked on your services rather than looking somewhere else - creating a loyal customer base.

Not only does it help your consumers, but also helps you with metrics for what is or isn’t working! Your website can tell you how many people interacted with certain features and what pages they stayed on for what amount of time. This allows you to make the necessary changes or keep what is working. This improves the user experience and allows you to customize based on what your audience is looking for. Again, reinforcing a loyal customer base.

A website also allows your business to get the right customers. Your website can communicate your brand “feel” which can attract the right customers to your establishment. For example, if you run a restaurant with gluten-free options, making that a priority on your website can attract people who need gluten-free options or are searching for those options than people who are not.

4. Advertising 24/7

Your website is available for everyone to reach your business at all hours of the day! You can advertise through this medium at a lower expense than a commercial, a billboard, or any other form of physical advertisement.

With a website, your customers are ready to see your posts and updates on everything you are doing, giving you more communication as well as advertising your new announcements. If you have a sale or you have new products coming out, you can advertise them day and night on your website.

So, should you have your business online? Yes! Of course! A website ensures your success over the long-term. More people get online now more than ever and investing in a website makes sure your business is being seen and heard.

Who builds websites?
D.A. Servicing for website creation

If you are wondering where you can get a website built, look no further. D.A. Servicing can build a highly functional website to fit the needs of your business. Please click here for more information


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