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Naming Your Social Media Page

If you wonder what should I name my business Facebook page? How do I come up with a username for Instagram, this article is for you.

What username should I use for business?
What username should I use for business?

Finding you on social media should be an easy task. I really it would be your business name, often times that does not work on social media. Customers that want to connect or check-in with your business should not have to search and wonder which profile belongs to your business. Make it easy for them fro them to find you.

The average person has to see your brand 3 times to remember it.

This means in order for people to recognize your brand it is essential that you use the same name and logo. Multiple names for your social media pages create confusion, when your goal is to create uniformity. Ideally people will know how to find you on all platforms once they find you on one.

  1. When you come up with a business name go and secure your social media pages even if you are not ready to use them yet. It is better to have them secured rather than someone else taking the name you wanted.

  2. Make your name something simple and short enough for people to communicate with you. Be mindful that sites such as Twitter have limits on how long a post can be. If you have a name that is extremely long, the characters take away from the message they may want to tell you.

  3. Make your name on social media resemble your business name or resemble what you do. Names that have little relevance or require explanation may confuse people.

Is your business the same on all social sites
Is your business the same on all social platforms

When thinking of names for your business, think of things that will be easy to market and find. Many people make themselves difficult to find because they use special spelling, extra expressions or nicknames. Put yourself in the mind of the customer, they will not know that special characters are needed to find you. Make your name easy to remember, simple to spell. Take the time to incorporate it in your marketing materials, to help them remember or ensure they spell it correctly.


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