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Hair Straightening Brush REVIEW!!

Like most women, I am always on the hunt for new products and gadgets that will make my hair luxurious with little to no effort ( wishful thinking, but thats why we consistently hunt). A straightening brush flashed across my Facebook TL about year ago, the video made it look magical. The hair was straightened with little effort and the results were great, I could not wait until it became available. Fast forward to February 2016 and I saw this gem on Groupon. Anyone that knows me from couponing and my old blog knows I am always looking for a deal, so $25 was an acceptable price for me to "try" this new product.

Few things I check before buying hair products.

1) Heat setting - how hot does it get? If its not over 400 degrees I can not do anything with it

2) Handle/buttons - Some products are designed terribly and for someone with long thick hair I need to be able to get a good grip without feeling like it will break the product. (Yes, I have broken blow dryers, combs, brushes and numerous others)

The actual test:


I washed my hair and put it into ponytails ( no, I do not blow dry my own hair, that is a whole other blog). I waited until my hair was dry and began the process. Once I turned it on, I noticed that the temperature was in celsius instead of fahrenheit. I did not feel like trying to convert so I went to the highest setting and HOPED that is was the 450 degrees that was advertised on Groupon. My next concern was my scalp and using a hot brush, luckily there were small plastic tips on the end of the brush to protect from burns. Only problem with the prongs is that 5 of them are missing and I have only used this product once.

I took the time and went through each section of my hair slowly and carefully to get the most out of the product. The end result? I had to go back over it with my flat iron. The other problem that I experienced is that the power button is literally right where you place your thumb, so on a few occasions when I went to run the brush through my hair it was off. I had to turn it back on and wait a few seconds or minutes to heat back up.

While this product was not useful at all for my hair, it may be great for someone whose hair is not as thick or curly as mine. I am looking for product that can replace my flat iron, by giving me the same or similar results.

This product did not do that for me.

All in all I give this product a 3 out of 5.



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